Flasko de Gama

Table of Contents

Flasko de Gama is a simple example for rapid prototyping.

Features #

  • Encrypted user authorizaton
  • Database initialization
  • New user signup
  • User login/logout
  • User settings
  • Modern user interface
  • Bulma framework
  • Limited custom css/js
  • Easily customizable

Setup #

git clone https://github.com/anfederico/Flaskex
cd Flsko de Gama
pip install -r requirements.txt
python app.py

Style Guides #

  1. Write in UTF-8 in Python 3
  2. User modular architecture to group similar functions, classes, etc.
  3. Always use 4 spaces for indentation (don’t use tabs)
  4. Try to limit line length to 80 characters
  5. Class names should always be capitalized
  6. Function names should always be lowercase
  7. Look at the existing style and adhere accordingly